Our Rental Polices, Rules and Regulations

Sky Valley Rental


We are excited you have chosen our home for your vacation getaway. We want your vacation to be as trouble free as possible, beginning with your reservation. That’s why we created this detailed policy statement. We highly recommend reading all of the following information to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. If you have questions, or if we can be of assistance in any way, please let us know.

     Your Vacation Home
This is our privately owned home and are decorated and furnished to suit the owner’s taste and needs. Do not assume or take for granted that this home has all of the amenities you require. The following is a list of basic items you will find in all of our rental home: heat, refrigerator, stove, toaster, coffee maker, basic pots & pans, dishes, flatware, utensils, telephone, TV, irons & ironing boards, cribs, bed linens, pillows, towels, washcloths along with a starter supply of soap and bathroom tissue. Items that are NOT SUPPLIED typically include charcoal, LP gas, laundry soap, plastic wrap, foil, coffee filters, condiments, spices or any type of food item. Our home has an owner closets reserved for the owner’s personal items. Please respect the owner’s privacy in these areas.

Reservations may be booked up to one year in advance. A minimum two-night stay is required for all rentals. Our weeks run from Monday to Monday or Friday to Friday.  Weekends start after 4 PM on Friday, until dark on Sunday night. Midweek’s run from 4 PM Monday to Friday at 11 AM.  All checkout times are 11 AM except Sunday departures, when you can leave up until dark.   Prices, amenities and/or minimums are subject to change with or without notice.

     Making Your Reservation
To reserve our home, please e-mail (info@skyvalleyrental.com) the following information, renter(s) name, address, renter phone, check-in - check-out date, number of adult(s) / child(s) guest or you may call (888-636-6510) with the same info. After we receive the above info, we will e-mail you a Rental Agreement / Reservation Confirmation. You have ten (10) days to sign, and return the agreement to us with the required payment in order to confirm your reservation.

     Reservation and Other Fees
In addition to your rental charge, all reservations will be charged applicable taxes a $25 processing fee. A cancellation fee of $35 will be charged for cancellation of any reservation. Other fees may apply for reservation transfers and miscellaneous services. Please see the sections dealing with these issues for details.

Full payment of your deposit, rent, taxes, processing fee, and cleaning fees for any reservations must be received by us at least fourty-five (45) days prior to your arrival date. We request that payment be in the form of a check or money order (NO CASH, PLEASE).  Please be sure to put the reservation number on the check for proper credit. For reservations made less than thirty (30) days prior to check-in, payment must be sent by a “next day” service or charged to your credit card (there is a convenience fee for credit card use) . A $25 service charge will be added to any returned checks.

     Security Deposit
In order to insure that our home is maintained and well cared for, a refundable security deposit is included with your rental. The fully refundable security deposit ($500) is due and payable in order to confirm your reservation. The security deposit will be deposited into a non-interest bearing account. From the security deposit there may be deducted for any costs incurred for such costs as (but not limited to) long distant phone bills, housekeeping service, and any damage to our home. Please leave our home in clean, undamaged condition to avoid any charge to the deposit for any repairs or special cleaning. We will return the security deposit less any deductions within 2-4 weeks following departure and inspection.

     Cancellation Policy
To cancel a reservation, the lessee named on the Lease Agreement must notify us in writing of the request to cancel. All cancellations must be received within thirty (30) days (forty-five (45) days for holidays) before your arrival date to be eligible for a refund. If the cancellation is greater than thirty (30) days (forty-five (45) days for holidays) before the arrival date, there are no refunds and any money paid will be lost. Any cancellation received greater than five (5) days (ten (10) days for holidays) before your arrival date will be eligible for a refund of your Security Deposit. All cancellations/refunds/time changes to reservations will be charged a $35 administration fee.

     Holiday Periods
Holiday periods are Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas / New Years.

     Reservation Transfer Policy and Fee
To shorten confirmed reservation dates, change dates, a $35 fee will be charged. The lessee named on the lease agreement must notify us either in written or verbal form of the requested change and a new contract will be issued that must be signed and returned. No reservation dates may be shortened or changed 30 days or less prior to the original arrival date.

     Check-In and Late Arrivals
Our goal is to have our home available by 4:00 p.m. cleaning and maintenance is sometimes unavoidably delayed by seasonal traffic and/or inclement weather. If arriving after dark, it is advisable for Guests to bring a flashlight along to help locate the rental house and to aid in opening the key lock box.

     Large Groups and Receptions
Our homes are to be used for the QUIET enjoyment of our guests and NOT to be used for loud or wild parties. “Disturbing the Peace” may result in eviction and/or loss of Security Deposit. Please be aware that while we allow quiet receptions, the sleeping capacity of the home cannot be exceeded and the guest(s) must dispose of all garbage.

     Checkout and Departure 11:00 A.M.
We are sorry you have to leave at all, however, we must insist on a 11 AM checkout time. (Sunday checkouts have until dark to checkout.) Leave your unit “broom clean” and in the same order as your arrival except for linens. All dishes and cookware must be washed and put away, garbage taken to the dumpster according to directions that are on the refrigerator door and BBQ grill clean. A minimum fee of $50.00 will be charged if excessive cleaning or garbage removal is necessary. Leave lights, televisions and other appliances turned off. Leave heat set at 40 degrees or air conditioning at 85 degrees. Leave all windows and doors closed and locked. Pile wet linen, towels, etc. in the bathtub. Furnishings must be returned to their original positions. Sorry, we must insist on a prompt 11 AM checkout. (Sunday checkouts may stay until dark.)  NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS PLEASE.

All of our homes provide bed linens, bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths along with a starter supply of bar soap. The house is cleaned and each bed is made with clean linen prior to your arrival. This is a “Housekeeping Home”. Daily house cleaner service is not provided and guests are expected to launder towels, etc. as needed during their stay. It is not necessary to wash towels or bed linens prior to departure. It is a good idea to bring extra towels for swimming use. Each unit is inventoried after each use. Upon arrival, report any apparent damage, housekeeping issues, shortage of furnishings or equipment immediately WITHIN TWO HOURS OF ARRIVAL. Your silence indicates full acceptance of the unit and its condition. Only artificial holiday decorations are permitted and all evidence of any guest decorations must be properly disposed of upon departure. Only artificial Christmas trees are permitted.

Though our home is sprayed regularly, ladybugs, wasps and other insects will sometimes affect us. Guests are expected to vacuum or dispose of small amounts of ladybugs, flies, wasps or bees. In the event of a major infestation, we will call maintenance or pest control to attempt to solve the problem.

We do everything possible to keep all equipment in good working order. However, it is impossible to guarantee that all appliances, hot tubs, hot water heaters, etc., will be in working order 100% of the time. We do guarantee to correct all deficiencies as soon as possible during normal business hours. There will be no refunds or adjustments. Report all maintenance problems to us. If it is after hours, be certain to leave your phone number and the nature of the problem on the voice mail system. You should take reasonable action to secure the problem. Management reserves the right to perform scheduled exterior minor maintenance and/or emergency interior maintenance during your stay with or without notice to you, however, in the event maintenance must be performed, we will do our best to do so without inconvenience to you.

The fireplaces should NOT be operated from May through September. No foreign materials are to be burned in gas fireplaces. For more information on this, please refer to our detail home instructions located in the center island drawer in the kitchen of our home.

     Pet Policy

     Telephone Service
Our home has normal local telephone service, however, in order to make long distance calls you will need a calling card with an 800-access number, a credit card or you will need to make a collect call. If calls are charged to our homes phone, the guest will be charged a $25. billing fee in addition to the cost of the calls.

     Mail and Messages
It is important that you leave the phone number for our home (located on top of your confirmation) relatives and emergency contacts. You may utilize our answering machine located in the kitchen if you need it. There is no U.S. mail service to our home. If you require shipping delivery, please note the following: UPS, FedEx, etc., Guest’s Name, C/O Property Address (Found on front page of Rental Agreement).

     Lost and Found
If you have left something behind, call us as soon as possible and we will try to locate the missing item(s). If the item(s) is located, the cost of locating, packaging and shipping will be charged to you.

     If You Are Locked Out
If you are locked out of your vacation home call us and we will arrange to get a key to you. A $55. service fee will be charged.

We have satellite (DirecTV) service. Premium channels are NOT available. We assume no responsibility for TV reception or operation and cannot guarantee that specific channels will be available. For more information on this please refer to our detail home instructions located in the center island drawer in the kitchen of our home. We will be happy to assist you by phone to help you with TV related problems. However, if you insist that we travel there to assist you there will be a minimum $55. charge. If you are using a video camera, games, etc., please only use the available video / audio inputs.

Weather changes quickly in the mountains. You should plan your trip according to the weather. In winter, though our weather is ordinarily fine, you should come prepared with extra food, 4-wheel drive if possible and/or chains. It is also advisable that you carry a bag of rock salt in your vehicle. If you should experience snow or ice during your visit, DO NOT attempt to drive up the driveway, or if there is a forecast for snow or ice during the evening move your vehicles and park them at the bottom of the driveway and walk up the stairs through the woods to the front door of house. Please be aware that we do not refund for bad weather, no shows, early checkout and we cannot provide transportation of any kind.

      Description and Brochure Errors
We make every effort to assure that all descriptions and information from us and our representatives in our brochure and on our Internet Site are accurate. However, we are not responsible for printing errors or changes made in the furnishings or amenities. Prices and amenities and/or minimums are subject to change with or without notice. If you have any questions or require additional information, please call us Toll Free: 1-888-63-6510 or E-Mail: info@skyvalleyrental.com


If you should experience snow or ice during your visit, do not attempt to drive or walk up the driveway, but park at the bottom of the driveway and walk up the stairs on the right to house. If there is a forecast for snow or ice during the evening or next morning move your vehicles and park them at the bottom of the driveway that evening before.

This is a NO SMOKING PROPERTY. If you do smoke outside please make sure your cigarette waste is disposed of responsibly and not thrown in the yard. There is a minimum of $35 will be charged for any cigarette butts that has to be picked-up from the yard.